Property for sale in Menorca

It is always a good idea to look out for property for sale in Menorca. The climate is fantastic. You can enjoy the sun for more than 300 days. Menorca has wonderfully warm summers and it never gets too hot. On Menorca you can enjoy temperatures of an average of 29 degrees and a maximum of about 32 degrees. Menorca also has mild winters. Also during the winter you have plenty of sunny days where you can go hiking, golfing, horseback riding and cycling with the whole family.

Reasonable prices

Another reason to look out for property for sale in Menorca is because property prices are in a reasonable price range. Property prices are on average lower than property in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Friendly neighbors

The reason why many people opt for property for sale in Menorca is that you always have friendly neighbours who are always there for you if something happens. The crime rate is also quite low and Menorca is also safer than other places. The people of Menorca are also not pushy and are a very humble people.

Enjoy nature

Did you know that UNESCO declared Menorca a biosphere reserve in 1963. It turns out that economic development always goes hand in hand with the culture and nature of Menorca. That is why you will not encounter massive tourist resorts on Menorca. Menorca has changed over the years and tourism is also on the rise, but you will always find the authenticity of Menorca very easily.

These are reason enough to look for property for sale in Menorca. You will find that you will not regret it and that you will be very happy.

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